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NLP Practitioner – Your First 10 Days of Excellence!

Learning how to practice NLP in your personal life to generate health, wealth, lifestyle and relationship transformations will change your life.  NLP Practitioner training gives a thorough foundation in the entire NLP model. We explore mind NLP, body NLP and systemic NLP to uncover the strategies and structures of success. In addition to learning how to use NLP for your own life you will discover how to help others professionally and personally too. Some of the many things which you will learn will include:

  • Understanding body language and non-verbal communication
  • Gaining the edge in any conversation and really understand what people mean
  • Setting well formed goals and create new behaviours for a successful life
  • Overcoming old habits, behaviours and beliefs that hold people back
  • Setting yourself free from fears and phobias
  • Uncovering the secrets of motivation and overcoming procrastination
  • Coaching yourself and others, awaken into your true self, build your self-image
  • Gaining wisdom in any relationship and make changes to patterns
  • Creating powerful emotional states of confidence, power and become energised
  • Changing the impact of the past on your future
  • Using language to gain agreement, negotiate results and create win-wins
  • Uncovering the tools to create more freedom, happiness and control
  • Applying NLP to create transformations for teams, individuals, groups and organisations
  • Communicating with precision and elegance, to identify what people are really communicating beneath the surface, consciously and unconsciously.

Your course will be taught in 10 days over three months. The Practitioner Training is lively, comprehensive, in depth and fun. These 10 days will equip you to unleash your potential using NLP and help others. Successful students will become fully qualified practitioners in NLP.

No prior NLP qualifications required – all you need are fascination, excitement and a desire to explore human potential!

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NLP Master Practitioner – Going Even Further Into Transformation

The NLP Master Practitioner course takes your Practitioner skills to a whole new level. By continuing your exploration of NLP for a further 17 days, you will master the attitudes, tools and methodology of NLP to create profound change. By becoming a Master of NLP you will experience

  • Modelling – The basis of NLP and the power to create more excellence in your life
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation NLP, including the mind, body and field of intelligence
  • Becoming an expert coach and help people transform
  • Discovering the stratigies of genius, go to the core of excellence
  • Going deeper into the field of NLP and the study of excellence
  • Mastering the Milton and Meta models of communication
  • Advanced conscious and unconscious change work, learn the attitudes,skills and the tools
  • Advanced Value/Metaprogrammes work to really understand yourself and others
  • Unleashing the wisdom of the body and change long held limiting beliefs
  • Mastering communication, influence and impact
  • Stepping up life to embody your vision and mission for life
  • Advanced language and overt/covert hypnosis for conversational change
  • Experience the effect of NLP in relationships, cultures and society
  • Uncovering the power of systemic NLP and Somatic Syntax
  • Over 40 new NLP techniques and the chance to create your own
  • Mastering the ability to overcome any life event, any fear, and problem and create more happiness
  • Stepping up to unlock people’s minds and lives using the tools of awakeners.

The intense 17 days of training includes a fully experiential set of exercises, discoveries and experiences that will transform your life and equip you to help the world to do the same. The Mastery course is an incredible kaleidoscope of high energy, movement, stillness, compassion, challenge, profundity and fantastic hilarity. Master Practitioners of NLP take a pivotal role in their lives and in society. You will move, be moved, celebrate and Master the amazing world power of NLP.

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