What kind of people train with us?

nlp pic2Anyone who is interested in change and enjoying life more!

You will train alongside exciting and interesting people, our training courses attract people who want to make a difference. A significant amount of people that attend our Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses attend for their own personal development and others come for professional development. Both are welcome.

The vast range of people coming from all walks of life and professions creates an exciting space of discovery where you will learn to use NLP with a wide variety of people. Many NLP courses offered by other companies restrict their audience to a certain ‘type’, while Bristol NLP Ltd attract a wide range of wonderful people with a common interest in learning NLP and making a difference.

Many people are funded by their employer due to the vast usefulness of this technology, many others self-fund their place due to the profound personal changes it creates in life.

NLP is particularly useful for coaches, educators, leaders, salespeople, therapists, mentors, communicators, parents and motivators. Each year our training attracts people from these fields and from far beyond.



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