What our courses are like

All of our courses are exciting and full of zest. At all of our training you will be actively involved in exercises, learn directly from the trainer and explore powerful techniques in exciting ways so that you can apply them to make huge changes to your professional and personal life.

nlp pic3NLP courses

Our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training courses are exceptional and give you the outstanding experience of learning NLP with a Master Trainer and expert in the field. You will learn alongside other people who are fascinated by people and what is possible when we use our minds differently. You learn how to use NLP effectively to help yourself and to assist others.

These open courses are fun and active and offer you the chance to explore, with your trainer, the tools needed to change behaviour, overcome blocks, change beliefs, become motivated and to communicate effectively. You will learn to discover your purpose, passion and vision for life and embrace your destiny – you will also learn to inspire others at work and in your personal life. NLP Training can be your gateway to excellence and transformation. Whether your goals are for personal or professional development these are the courses for you.

We also offer introductory Days of Discovery and short NLP Diploma courses.

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IMG_1254[1]Work-based training

Our selection of applied NLP trainings and bespoke training/coaching bring the power of NLP directly into your organisation and staff. They are suitable whether you have already learnt some NLP or if you are just interested in how this approach can help bring excellence to your workplace.

NLP is a powerful communication model and therefore by bringing these concepts to your team and to your organisation can increase performance, impact and excellence. Work can become more enjoyable, more impactful and deliver better results when you take these exciting trainings.

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