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nlp healthyOur selection of applied NLP trainings bring the power of NLP directly into your organisation and staff. They are suitable whether you have already learnt some NLP or if you are just interested in how this approach can help bring excellence to your workplace.

NLP is a powerful communication model and so bringing these concepts to your team and to your organisation can increase performance, impact and excellence. Work can become more enjoyable, and deliver better results when you engage with these exciting techniques.

As well as the courses listed here, we can also provide bespoke NLP courses, motivational events and team-building sessions tailored to your requirements: contact us to tell us how we can help you.

Presentation Skills

This training goes beyond the normal content-based courses. You will learn to present with passion, power and influence. By overcoming all fears or blocks which are often experienced by people you will become ready to learn the secrets of public speaking excellence.

You will learn to use the stage, your voice, your body and your language to build your confidence, captivate your audience and deliver your message with impact and charisma. Useful for presenting to small, medium or large audiences, the skills you learn on this course will also be useful in many other contexts.

Available as a 3 hour team session, a 2 day training and as 1-2-1 coaching.

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Modern Leadership

As the world evolves the modern leader is called to take a new role. No longer is hierarchy, command and control the dominant mode of effective leadership. By taking this course and experiencing the accompanying coaching, true leaders learn to participate in the teams they lead, understand the role of systems, energy and wisdom in building a vision that people want to participate in.

Avoid the aggression, burn-out and stress of outdated leadership models and begin to enjoy the role of leader in generative, high-performing teams. Learn experientially the tools, not just the theories, and excel in this fast-moving world.

Become the person that people want to be led by and enjoy the change.

Available as a 2 day Masterclass and as a year-long development programme

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Impact and Influence for Managers

Managing projects, people and processes involves complex language skills. On this course you will learn the advanced communication skills that NLP offers. Learn to understand and influence people, make meetings more effective, communicate your message and gain commitment from others; learn to manage difficult situations and difficult people; discover the tools of negotiation and overcome resistance/conflict, manage time and prioritise for success.

Available as a 3 hour team session, a 2 day training and as 1-2-1 coaching

Coaching Skills

Being a coach involves really understanding and connecting with the people you coach.

Learn how to set goals, support and encourage, overcome blocks and equip people with strategies for success. Discover how to connect with the people you coach to build performance and create excellence at work. Uncover the models that allow you to structure and monitor the outcomes of the people you coach and help them go beyond their usual expectations.

Go from being a coach to becoming an awakener and learn the human element of massive change.

Available as a 2 day training and a 3 month programme

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Confidence and Motivation

Learn the importance of state management and building expectations. Become able to control your emotional and physical state at work and commit to feeling excellent and productive. Understand the principles of motivation and building energy for change. Uncover how to decide to take action and overcome hesitation/procrastination. Communicate your passion, confidence and motivation to others both verbally and non-verbally.

This training can be taken by all members of an organisation to create a motivated, aligned organisation that goes the extra mile.

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Sales and Communication Skills

In most organisations, the only function that creates money (rather than generates a cost) is the sales function – or for some, sponsorship/fundraising. The abilities to communicate, inform, motivate, close and deliver are central to effective sales and income generation.

Learn how to understand your customer, adapt your language, overcome objections, close the sale and ensure you have happy customers that continue to buy from you. Whether your organisation sells a commercial product, offers a service or raises income through sponsorship or fundraising, well trained and skilled people are central to success.

This course delivers a motivated, confident salesforce who can sell concepts, products and services.

Available as a 3 hour team session, a 2 day training and as 1-2-1 coaching

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