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To transform the way we work and integrate our life with work will involve making our organisations places where we come to self-actualise and discover our potential, at the end of each working day you will find there is more of you to share with other areas of your life.

NLP is a powerful communication model and so bringing these concepts to your team and to your organisation can increase performance, impact and excellence. Work can become more enjoyable, and deliver better results when you engage with these exciting techniques.

Our bespoke training will help you to lead and enjoy a thriving workplace where you all feel you belong. Work can become really exciting, a place where connection can occur and where you can integrate your head and heart to inspire others.

Some of the benefits will include:

  • Making work more creative and fulfilling
  • Becoming more self-motivated
  • Optimal organisational performance
  • Self mastery, self awareness and connection with others
  • Ability to shape the future from within
  • Becoming better at working with compassion and vision
  • Ability to motivate minds and emotions in others
  • Increased inner wisdom
  • Ability to feel centred and calm at work
  • Work in a way that’s fun and takes less effort as you head towards solutions
  • Mental clarity, focus and mental toughness and the ability to offer fairness, respect and care
  • Skills to see things from others point of view
  • Tools to have more intelligent conversations

Contact us today to start the process of creating a programme of transformation within your organisation. Create a new type of leadership and organisational change that is based on human potential, applied phychological techniques, skill and transformational change.

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Modern Leadership

As the world evolves the modern leader is called to take a new role. No longer is hierarchy, command and control the dominant mode of effective leadership. Experiencing the training and coaching we offer which is needed by authentic Leaders will provide the support true leaders need as they learn to participate in self directed teams, understand the role of systems, create the energy and wisdom needed and learn to build a leadership vision that people want to participate in.

Avoid the aggression, burn-out and stress of outdated leadership models and begin to enjoy the role of leader in generative, high-performing teams. Learn experientially the tools, not just the theories, and excel in this fast-moving world.

Become the person that people want to be led by and enjoy the change.

Presentation Skills

This training goes beyond the normal content-based courses. You will learn to present with passion, power and influence. By overcoming all fears or blocks which are often experienced by people you will become ready to learn the secrets of public speaking excellence.

You will learn to use the stage, your voice, your body and your language to build your confidence, captivate your audience and deliver your message with impact and charisma. Useful for presenting to small, medium or large audiences, the skills you learn on this course will also be useful in many other contexts.

Other Courses Include

  • Influence and Motivation Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Productivity and Creativity
  • Sales and Communication Skills.
  • Team Building Days
  • Managing Time and Change
  • Advanced Communication Skills

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