12 Step Informed Recovery Coaching , Personal NLP Sessions

NLP for the Mind, 12 Steps for the Spirit, make your move into a life you love with Our personal Coaching.

BEN GRASSBY NLP 5RHYTHMSWe all find ourselves in stuck, repetitive patterns and often what stops us from changing is fear. This can include addictions, compulsions, habits, finances, health and also the challenges of making changes after a period of time in a difficult relationship, work situation or any other environment where we were unable to thrive and feel alive.

Normal rational thinking and the desire to become unstuck, in these circumstances, is unlikely to lead to sustained change and therefore Ben Grassby offers 1-2-1 Coaching which is particularly geared towards bypassing the ‘conscious mind’ and through use of powerful NLP tools and also following the 12 Steps of Recovery we find solutions and new pathways beyond our everyday thinking mind.

For those who are in a programme of recovery from compulsions, addictions and other unwanted behaviours or dependency, together with a sponsor , we would recommend working in an ongoing manner with Ben to support your recovery and transformation. Carefully selected NLP techniques and support through the 12 steps of recovery can lead to life transformations that cannot be achieved through willpower alone. You will find yourself warmly met and supported by Ben who, in addition to over 20 years NLP Coaching/Training Experience, is also an active member of a number of 12 step fellowships. No religious or spiritual requirements are made to partake in this coaching and at the same time you will recover your own passion, love of living and sobriety as you define it.

The coaching offered is also equally useful for anyone who wants a better way of life, more fulfilment, success and freedom from old thinking, ways of behaving and accumulated fears and limitations. We work with the unconscious mind, the physical emotional body and also the mystery of life to move forward into fulfilling and successful futures, regardless of what current challenges you may be facing.rolex submariner mens rolex calibre 2813 126605 automatic

Examples of the types of people already helped

  • People starting up again after a divorce, period of illness, business difficulties and changes in life stage.
  • People trapped by the expectations of others who hesitate to reach for their own dreams
  • Addictions and Compulsions, substances, spending, alcohol, procrastination, pornography use and any other unwanted habitual behaviour that limits you
  • Anxiety, Panic, Fear and Phobias, unwanted emotional blocks and Trauma
    Sleep difficulties
  • Emotional Pain, guilt, shame, regret, irritability, anger, loss, inertia and tiredness
  • Creative blocks, difficulty getting started on new projects, ventures or life paths
    Relationship Problems and difficulties with communication
  • Release or escape from environments where you were trapped, limited, controlled or held back. From Toxic families, Cults, Imprisonmnet, Corporate Control – anywhere where you couldn’t be yourself.

Combining Aspects of Neurolinguistic Programming with a lived experience of the 12 Steps of Recovery, you can work 1-2-1 with Ben in an ongoing programme of Coaching sessions and you move away from Addictions, Compulsions, Obsessions, Traumatic Workplaces:Relationships:Organisations.


Ben Grassby – Master Coach

To create incredible success and enjoy a present, connected and enjoyable life you need a coach. Ben Grassby is the secret weapon, internationally, behind CEOs, Startup Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, Sports Professionals and Leaders in all walks of life.

Whether you are facing a crossroads, facing a shift, changing course, rebuilding your life or simply amplifying your existing success Ben Grassby can support you to find the self compassion, motivation and happiness you deserve.

Typical scenarios where people seek Ben’s help and assistance include :

New Business Enterprises, Start Ups and Creative Ideas
Health and Lifestyle Goals
Dating, Relationships, Separation and Divorce
Executive and Leadership Coaching for Increased Performance
Decision Making, Motivation and Change
Overcoming Past Trauma, Fears, Habits and Old Patterns
Recovery From Difficult Life Situations and Moving Towards Empowered Success
Sports Performance
Lifestyle Design and Excellence, Work-Life Integration
Organisational Change and Improved Communication Excellence
Wellbeing and Happiness, Overcoming Difficult Times and Transitions
Moving on From The Effects of Limiting Beliefs
Goal Planning and Redefining Life’s Purpose as we Face Shifts
Understanding Roles as Life Changes (Promotion, Children Leaving Home, Redundancy etc)
Overcoming Heartbreak, Dissappointment and The Unexpected


Ben Grassby has 20 year’s experience of assisting people to face change and create incredible success. He will help you define what you really want form life, overcome blocks and support you towards the achievement of an excellent life. His relentless passion for transformation and breakthroughs will empower you to reach your dreams and celebrate the achievement of an incredible life. Nothing will stand in the way of your own achievement with Ben by your side and his vision for your success.












Leadership and Executive Coaching is available at your own home, office or choice of setting.

1/2 Day Coaching £835
Full Day Coaching £1350
plus expenses and VAT


Personal Coaching is available at your own home or at a venue of your choice

1/2 Day Coaching £450
Full Day Coaching £800
plus expenses and VAT

Sometimes just a single session can provide the breakthrough that you seek and set you on your way to ultimate success. Ongoing regular coaching can also be arranged at regular intervals.


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Ben Grassby – Master Trainer

Ben Grassby Delivers all NLP Trainings in Person, he is also available for 1-2-1 Coaching and you can also call on him to help you with workplace training, personal breakthroughs, transformations and visit him for residential help in Glastonbury – With 22 years Professional experience in the field of NLP with Qualifications gained from the very best NLP Schools and mentors Internationally you can be assured you are in very capable hands.


Ben holds qualifications in Somatic Coaching, the 5 rhythms ™, experience in Gestalt, Facilitation, Mentoring, Family constellations, Tantra and much more. He has worked with people from all walks of life internationally from Silicon Valley, to HM Prisons, families, couples, NHS, the automotive industry, the arts and he specialises in getting people the results they want and the lives that truly fulfil them. He is provocative, authentic, skilled and passionate about human potential – He wants every participant on his NLP Trainings to be able to be more sucessful than him and each Coaching client he meets to create a destiny that drives them.


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DORSET NLP TRAINING 5Ben Grassby, Bristol NLP Ltd's Lead Trainer

Bristol NLP Ltd’s Lead Trainer Ben Grassby is an NLPU Master Trainer of NLP, an INLPTA accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP. He delivers powerful, transformative training that will equip you with the attitude and abilities of success.


Ben has 20 years of experience in the field of NLP and keeps up to date with cutting edge developments in NLP as they happen. He brings passion, skill, experience and a huge wealth of NLP knowledge to the training.

Ben is trained and accredited by the original NLP Developers Robert Dilts and Judith Deloizier and the original NLP Master Trainer Wyatt Woodsmall. Ben has also trained with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, David Gordon, Chris Hall, Judith Lowe and many other leading NLP developers.

Ben also offers individual coaching using his NLP expertise

Skype/Zoom Coaching available on request.


I am so grateful , I am more empowered and I don’t feel as depressed, it’s also made me realise the biggest person holding me back is me! I don’t want it to end at the moment, I want to carry on every week as I’m enjoying it so much. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given us so far. – E, Singer

Really enjoyable, Ben was very good – funny, relaxed and informal approach belied a great level of skill and knowledge about human behavior. The session was excellent, varied, challenging and offered interesting alternatives. Shifted my perspectives. – Chris, HR Manager

Using the NLP that you have taught us I conquered my fear of death. – Keiron

I’m back and I had a lovely time, thanks – felt a real sense of achievement as the 2.5 hours on the flight were OK. Various things you said kept coming into mind out of nowhere! – Pauline

Thanks for yesterday, I thought it was a really powerful session and I’m extremely confident that I’ve beaten the evil weed now. – Nick

I have changed the way I look at life, I have complete control, I love life now and look forward to each experience, Ben is an excellent trainer of NLP that I highly recommend. The course was very well run and covered a massive subject area. I will now go out and experience life and live it to the full. – AW, Transport Charity

Thanks for a really good session with my sister and I. I came away from the session with the feeling that I could now be authentically me/myself, the real/actual me, rather than the me that has felt the need to control/be pleasing/always having to be something to other people. Thank you, it was a really valuable session. – Lisa

Humanistic, funny, empathetic, trustworthy and generous in his knowledge, he is a kind and lovely person. – EC

Thank you, this really has the potential to change my life. – J, Retail Manager

I found the whole experience very interesting and thought provoking; I would definitely recommend you as a therapist coach and trainer. – C, Mother

Thanks so much for yesterday. I thought it was brilliant. It made me feel really positive about everything and that it is all in my reach if I take the right attitude. The session was really useful – I was totally relaxed and anxiety-free so i enjoyed a very chilled out evening. I definitely felt in the right mindset for the exam. – Jess

I definitely feel positive today, I think I almost have to refrain from being too joyous at work today as I have been very playful this morning with my work colleagues, they were asking what was on with me today. – Jean Michel

Had no desire/cravings/thoughts of smoking, been in a couple of situations already where I would and it’s been no trouble to not do it. Hasn’t even been a choice –just no desire straight from the right hand! Mind is fully in concentrating on the positive results I’m experiencing through being free. Sunday evening was one of the best experiences of my life, something that I’ve wanted for three years and had given up on became a reality! Now that’s quick results. Thanks again for the help! – Jamie

I noticed instant improvement with my daughter, previously she felt so bad with her anxiety she was not attending uni, she returned after your first visit which was such a relief, and I was so concerned. Thank you for your kind attention.balenciaga t shirts wholesaler– Heather

NLP has not had such light shown on it as you are shining and I’d love to see it light up! I know there will be GREAT moments that will lift the field to another level. – Dharma

Thanks so much…. Over the past few days I have seen improvements. Today I felt confident and did not have any episodes of blushing at all. I was delighted to get through today, my real first test without any major setbacks. – Christian

Thanks for a great session last night – v powerful, I put it into practice this morning and made the phone call I’ve been putting off for two weeks so that’s great news! – Cat

My mind definitely feels more in tune with my body which is V good. Creativity and liberation are what I have got from our first session, I think they mean a lot to me and that makes me very excited about the possibilities. – Ben

I want to say a big thank you for the session on Saturday. It was a really positive experience, and your time and expertise was much appreciated so thank you once again! I am able now to see myself more from that position of the loving and knowing me. – Anna

Positive, fun and interesting, I didn’t need to put effort in as it all shot into my brain, his style allows all to enjoy the experience. – JQ, Musician